Theory: In both cases popping is unburnt fuel igniting in the exhaust. If running too rich you can get incomplete combustion leaving unburned HCs in the exhaust stream to be ignited. If running too lean you may get misfires (so no combustion at all); perhaps that lean mixture is then swept into the exhaust where it might accumulate until an ....

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Virago popping at idle

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Apr 25, 2010 · it will backfire when the carbs are out of sync i just stnced the carbs on my virago it had a slight popping at idle and partial throttle was off by about 3 inches soon as i got it close the idle jumped to about 3500 also have you changed your plugs viragos are real hard on the plugs. also carb boots crack alout on them. also make sure both .... Yamaha XV 920 J Virago: Year: 1982: Engine: Four stroke, 75° V-twin cylinder, SOHC. 2 valve per cylinder: Capacity: 920 cc / 56.1 cu-in ... The engine pulls from just off idle, but it has a flat spot between 2000 and 3000 rpm. ... Switch on the ignition and seven LCD lights pop on. Four warn of low fluid levels: engine oil, front brake.

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The idle can have a n affect too.. Air leaks around the carb boots and/or the header crush gasket will cause you the same problems too.. where and how big is the hole in the pipe? '06 TRX450ER, '03 XR400r, '04 CRF450r, '05 CRF250r, '06 CBR1000RR (StreetFighter), 07 GSX-R750, '71 CB500, '75 CL360 (Honda Scrambler), '81 Virago XV750 (the 110 Bike). 1995 Virago 1100.. Any change in idle RPM, whether up or down indicates a vacuum leak. Below is a video on how to find vacuum leaks. What you’ll hear is a clattering, tinny metal noise when you idle Get answers to questions about your Suzuki at RepairPal On the used market, there's plenty to choose from - some under £1,000 Netty Tcp Client Elite Service. virago popping at idle. ptfe spray lubricant. 2 channel mic mixer. darnell friday night funkin. geography topics primary school. ryzen idle crash. how to uninstall crowdstrike falcon sensor. check if two nodes are cousins in a binary tree. I have been trawling YouTube how to balance the carbs with very little success on how to balance the Virago carbs. I have not played too much with twins, but when putting the carbs back together coupled together I noticed one of the butterflies.

Accelerate through the gears until the throttle is at full throttle (a slight uphill is the best place for this). After a few seconds of full throttle running, quickly pull in the clutch and stop the engine ( Do not allow the engine to idle or coast to a stop). Remove the spark plug and look at its color.

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Feb 12, 2009 · I have a 1985 Virago 1000 cc that I can start with full choke. Let warm up but cannot reduce choke without killing engine. I can let it idle for 10 or mote minutes and stll can't release choke. Any su read more. Backfiring popping thru exhaust at idle. Running Mikunis with a new motor, 1540cc, 13:1 compression with the .380 cams, dyna 3000 set at stock curve. ... Fathers day no less) my second hand-me-down bike from my dad The first was a 1982 Virago 750 and now..... A 1985 V-max! Only real downside is that it has 56,000 miles, eek! Well last spring he. . Dec 29, 2013 · I now have the idle screws out about two turns (out is supposed to be rich on these carbs). I can crank and crank and get nothing, but the front cylinder will pop when I stop cranking. It feels like it is lean. Bowls are full. The only difference between today and last Monday (when it ran fine) is that the air temp is about 20 degrees colder..

Josh worley. March 2015. You need to adjust your mixture screw. It sounds like it is running to rich. You can tell by the fact that fuel is going into the exhaust on the over run which ignites from the heat of the exhaust creating a popping sound. In any good repair manual should describe how to adjust the mixture screw on the carb..

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